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Read Why me? -- TWILIGHT LEAH CLEARWATER FANFIC from the story Fanfictions by Yaide97 with 993 reads. twilight, venturi, troyesivan. ••LEAH'S POV••. "shut up Leah, go find yourself a guy and then you'll understand." i sighed to myself, wishing that there was a guy out there who liked me. "sorry Leah, i didn't mean it." "i know" i wasn't upset at Jacob, not really. Still, i got up and shifted into wolf form. I made sure. Read 12. Leah Clearwater from the story Seth's Imprint Twilight Fanfic by twd_daryldixonfan DarylDixonFan with 126 reads. imprint, sethclearwater, lovestor.

Rekindled Passion Twilight Fanfic Fanfiction. Leah Clearwater and Sam Uley were once an unstoppable couple until Sam phases into a werewolf and imprints on Leah's beautiful cousin, Emily. But when trouble happens and Emily leaves Sam in anger, does this mean that maybe Leah and Sam are. Read Ch. 36 Luna and Leah's 19th birthday from the story My Wolf Boy [ Twilight Fanfic] by Twilight_Hime10 Hime Black with 2,464 reads. romance, jaredxoc, sh.

Forever Yours [ Twilight Fanfic/ Leah Clearwater Love Story] Himechan10 Fantasy Romance January 26, 2018. Abraham Swan is the only son of Charlie Swan and Renee Dwyer. He is the older brother of Isabella ' Bella' Swan. Absent Imprint: Leah’s Story by IamKate onLeah’s boyfriend imprints on her cousin, her first time phasing triggers her father’s fatal heart attack, and her best friend imprints on her enemies’ child. When Leah finally meets the guy who can make her forget it.

Browse through and read twilight werewolf leah clearwater stories and books. Sign up Log in. This is Leah Clearwater's Twilight. My Humanity GXGTwilight FanficLeah Clearwater Fanfiction Romance October 6, 2014. A Twilight fanfic where Bella's twin sister is Leah's imprint with a twist of rain, angst, fluff, cliches, and sunlight. or where I scrambled together words to create a fanfic no one asked for Language. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Leah opened her arms, waving Bella around to sit on the couch. In an instant, Bella was in her arms, sitting next to Leah on the couch, looking up at her with the most beautiful brown eyes Leah had ever seen. Leah tucked a lock of hair behind Bella's ear, letting her.

Leah Clearwater est la Beta de la meute Black et le seul modificateur féminin connu dans l'histoire des Quileute. Elle est la fille de Harry Clearwater et Sue Clearwater. Elle est la sœur aînée de Seth Clearwater, et l'ex-petite amie de Sam Uley. Elle s'est transformé en loup pendant les. Not a break from it all. Living her life is the greatest challenge of all, especially when she has to fight her thoughts, to stop the others seeing, hearing, sensing what really goes on in Leah's broken world. ----- 2 rank for Leah forgot date 336 rank for shape-shifters all ownership goes to the creator of Twilight. Twilight Bella and Leah by Tiarra_is_mine. Twilight Bella and Leah Table of contents. Bella meets Leah the devils my love get lost New Reading List. Vote. You won’t be able to read this whole story since Paid Stories aren’t available in your country yet. YOU ARE READING. Twilight Bella and Leah Fanfiction.

Twilight Libri, scopri 8576 nuove storie su EFP Fanfiction, il più grande sito italiano per leggere e scrivere assieme ad altri fan. 23/03/2010 · This is a fanficton trailer i made for the story i'm writing. /s/5654184/1/Double_Imprint Gabriella as Seth likes to call her Ella. Funny thing, I didn't even like the books but I've somehow become addicted to Twilight fanfic.

Synopsis: Leah confronts Emily on the flaws of Imprinting. Emily POV. Comments: A story for the Leah-lovers, the Imprinting-haters, and all the feminists who felt offended by Twilight. Leah's criticisms of Emily sound like any that could have been leveled at Bella. It. A stranger, a blank book and Audrey has found herself in the world of Twilight with a new past. Will Audrey's presence change the story? As days end, pages are written and Audrey discovers that her days within Forks and with Edward are numbered. Follow latest updates on. 09/06/2010 · ALL HUMAN Résumé: Elle est la seule à le voir, il est le seul qu'elle ne veut pas voir. L'histoire de deux personnes n'ayant rien en commun mais que le des.

Uncovered~twilight male oc bxb. KJ Fanfiction Fantasy Romance 4. Add to library 55 Discussion 2 Browse more Fanfiction Romance Twilight. Leah's Imprint Leah Clearwater x Male OC violetbeatricebaudelaire Fanfiction. Add to library 16 Discussion 3 Browse more Fanfiction Twilight. Scarlet orbs [Big red eyes rewritten] Alex Fanfiction.

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