Dior Diorsnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Crème

DiorDiorsnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Crème

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The Diorsnow Brightening Refining Moist Cloud Crème is the first brightening and hydrating refining creme that corrects pores and spots deep down, thanks to the micro-encapsulated mattifying Smart Pore Control: micro capsules of zinc gluconate that focus on reducing the production of sebum and target specifically only the oilier areas of the skin.

The skin is instantly softer and more even. Day after day, pores and spots are diminished to reveal perfectly refined even skin.

Smooth and natural results after 1 month*:
  • 100% said their skin was more luminous
  • 98% said their skin was more radiant
  • 95% said their skin was more hydrated
  • 98% said their skin was more supple
The Exceptional Brightening Power of Edelweiss from Dior Gardens
Skin evenness and color are determined by a pigment known as melanin. With aging and repeated sunlight exposure, the undesirable sallow color of melanin spreads all over the skin, altering its evenness. Over time, melanin also becomes darker, damaging the natural skin color.

Dior researchers have discovered that Edelweiss extract from the Dior Gardens in Switzerland interferes in this process and can diminish, correct and prevent the creation of dark spots deep down. Preventive action against spots deep inside the skin is one of the most effective ways to achieve lasting efficacy on skin evenness and color correction.

The Dior Garden in Switzerland
Edelweiss is cultivated at the heart of the Valais Garden in Switzerland at an altitude of 1,100 meters. In this beautiful but hostile environment, temperatures can drop to -10° C while UV intensity is extreme, heavily reflected by the eternal snows. All the conditions are gathered for Edelweiss to develop the finest flowers, naturally and in the greatest respect of the environment.

To Use: Apply to the face in the morning and at night.

1.7 oz.

*Test: self-assessment, % of agreement, 60 Japanese women after 1 month of use
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